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Stewardship 2018

Pledge Letter from Senior Warden and Stewardship Chair, 10/27/2017




Stewardship is about being grateful, responsible stewards of the gifts we receive from God. The tradition of giving back to God and to the church comes from the Biblical practice of “tithing,” which means to give back a tenth of our earnings to God (Numbers 18:26).

The Episcopal Church sees stewardship as more than simply contributing money to the church; it’s also about contributing time and talents, and volunteering for ministry and mission. It’s about reaching out to build relationships from a perspective of abundance instead of scarcity.

To learn more about all the opportunities to give your time and talents in both inreach and outreach areas, visit Emmanuel's Ministry Guide page.


Each Fall, Emmanuel reaches out to the parish to seek financial pledges for the coming year. To learn more about pledging or to request a copy of our Stewardship brochure that outlines the budget and allocation of resources, please contact Cass Cannon through the church office (540-456-6334).


Stewardship Talks in Church: Views From This Place

Giving of Financial Resources


Planned annual giving by pledge enables us to sustain our ministries and programs at Emmanuel and further support our parish community and beyond. Pledging allows for planning of our annual budget and programs more effectively and responsibly. Pledge cards are available in the church office and are distributed every Fall during our pledge campaign. Once you’ve filled it out, simply mail it to the church office or drop it in the collection plate. OR YOU CAN SUBMIT YOUR PLEDGE USING THE ONLINE FORM BELOW! If you need more information or assistance in submitting a pledge please contact the church office. Once you have pledged then you have several options for fulfilling the pledge. See below.


Click here for a printable information sheet outlining different ways to give your pledge to Emmanuel in 2018. 


Give Online! It's Easy!

This link will take you to our convenient new online giving page where you can schedule bank drafts from your account or pay by credit card. We have partnered with Vanco to provide a safe and secure online giving option for our parishioners. 


Automatic Giving Through Your Bank

Another convenient way to support Emmanuel's ministries is to schedule your monthly pledge via the online bill pay services of your local bank. Many people are using online banking services and you can add Emmanuel as an account and schedule automated payments the same way you might do for other charities or utilities. Please contact your bank directly for more information. Be sure to give the mailing address to the bank: Emmanuel Episcopal Church, PO Box 38, Greenwood, VA 22943

Traditional Giving

You can support the ministry of Emmanuel Episcopal by placing 
cash or checks in the offering plate during Sunday services, or by mailing checks, made out to “Emmanuel Episcopal” to the Emmanuel Episcopal Church, PO Box 38, Greenwood, VA 22943. Once you have pledged you will be given the option to receive envelopes to use in the offering plate. Contact the church office if you need envelopes.

2018 Emmanuel Pledge Form



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Enter 2018 Annual Pledge $ Amount

I/We plan to give:*

Preferred or intended method of giving:*

Note please send payments to the mailing address P.O. Box 38, Greenwood, VA 22943 (and not the physical address).

Would you like weekly offering envelopes? *


Click the Submit Pledge button when complete. Thank you for you support of the stewardship campaign.






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