Emmanuel Connections is a communication network for all parishioners to receive information, temporary help, and/or to help other parishioners.


Emmanuel Connections Service: How It Works

  1. I need help with _________.
    Fill out a Connections Help Form here. This can be handled by the administrator to ensure privacy (Call the church office at 540-456-6334).
    You may send a notice on the Emmanuel Connections Marketplace Google group to all parishioners. Instructions for joining the group are listed on the right column of the page.

  2. I can volunteer for ______.
    Volunteers are needed to help with areas such as transportation, meal preparation, technical support and light house/yard work for parishioners who are housebound or in temporary need of help. Fill out a Volunteer Form here. 

  3. I have __________ to sell, trade, barter or communicate. 
     Emmanuel Connections Marketplace, an email Google group where you can share that information. Imagine this scenario and how using the Emmanuel Connections Marketplace can help!
    Problem: You have company coming and you need to borrow and air mattress or crib.
    Solution: Send an email to  that explains your need. All members of the Google group get the email and a fellow parishioner responds with an offer of an air mattress/crib to loan.  Learn more here!

  4. Does anyone know the name of a good _________?
    A list of service vendors, similar to Angie's list is being developed. Have you used a plumber, roofer, gardener, electrician etc whose service was impressive? Send the information to  Emmanuel's List for the benefit of others who might be in need of similar service.Check out the current Emmanuel's List .

Emmanuel Connections Board Members 

Linda Aagaard, 

Kathleen Capshaw,

Harry Lankenau, 

Katherine Merhige,  

Doris DeSha Savage,  

Sabrina Thompson,  

BB Vaughn,  

Delores Smith,

Nanette Alcaro,

Chuck Hughes, 


General Information

Emmanuel Connections 
PO Box 38 
Greenwood, VA 22943 
Phone (540) 456-6334 

To find out more 

Contact a Board Member 

Call us: (540) 456-6334 


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