Policy for administration and operation of the church yard (Cemetery)

1. For the purpose of this Statement of Policy, the following definitions apply:

  • Communicant - As defined in Title I, Canon 17, Constitution and Canons of the Protestant Episcopal church in the United States of America.
  • Lot - The amount of land for the purpose of burying one deceased human body (5′ X 10′), or the cremated remains of one or more human bodies.
  • Section - An area of land 20′ X 20′, having eight (8) Lots as defined above.

2. Communicants of Emmanuel Church, Greenwood, and certain non-communicant members of the Greenwood community shall be eligible for burial in the Emmanuel Church cemetery.

3.The cost of a gravesite is determined by the deceased person's membership in the church: a communicant of Emmanuel Church, Greenwood or a non-communicant person of the Greenwood community.

4. General Provisions

a) The Church will be responsible for the general care of the cemetery area, including walkways and driveways, cutting grass and such other general care as the Vestry may direct.

b) The owners of Lots/Sections shall be responsible for plantings, prunings, and for the care and maintenance of all monuments, headstones, footstones, or other types of memorials erected by them.

c) The right is reserved to prohibit the erection of any monument or memorial that, in the judgment of the Vestry, may be deemed inappropriate.

d) No above-ground vaults and/or mausoleums may be erected.

e) Lots or Sections may not be fenced or otherwise enclosed.

f) All charges for interments, erection of headstones or footstones and other memorials shall be the responsibility of the owner of the Lot/Section.

g) No Lot shall be used for any purpose other than the burial of a human body or the cremated ashes of a human body.

h) No transfer or sale of any Lot/Section shall be made without the prior approval and permission of the Church.

5. Administration

a) The Church Yard (Cemetery) shall be operated by a Custodian(s) appointed by the Vestry.

b) The Custodian(s) is responsible for the care and maintenance of the cemetery grounds, sale of Lots/Sections, serving as Treasurer for the proceeds of sales/gifts, payment of bills, and proper record-keeping, including a map or plat of the cemetery area showing the ownership of Lots/Sections.

c) The Custodian is empowered to make decisions as to eligibility for burial in the Church Yard (Cemetery) within the guidelines outlined above. Cases-in-question will be decided by the Custodian and the Rector, or when deemed necessary, by the Vestry.

For more information, please contact the Emmanuel Church Office at 540-456-6334.

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