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The Endowment Board

The Emmanuel Endowment Board

The Emmanuel Endowment Board is one of the ways that Emmanuel Church reaches out to the local community and beyond. Early each year the Endowment Board meets with mission partners, to help decide how to spend the income from our Endowment investments. In 2017, the Endowment gave over $109,000 in grants to over thirty local mission partners engaged in good works.

Board Members:
Jim Neligan, chair
Delores Smith
Beth Colmery
Barry Jones


Visit our Mission Partners blog to learn more about these organizations and agencies supported by the Endowment Board.

How did the Endowment Board become established?

In March, 1975, the Vestry established the Memorial Endowments. It invited the members and friends of Emmanuel Church to create endowments honoring the departed and provided that these be combined in a single Fund to be used to support religious, charitable or educational purposes by three Trustees. The principal assets of the fund are not to be withdrawn and expended except in extraordinary necessity. The Trustees at the time were Francis P. Brawley, George Ellinger, and Langhorne Gibson.

The first memorial endowment was established in memory of Frederic William Scott and Elizabeth Strother Scott by their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Anderson. This was followed in 1976 by the Genevieve Peyton Harris endowment, by Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Peyton III. Later that year the Purcell Family endowment was established by descendants of Samuel Harwood Purcell and Elizabeth Ashton Garrett Purcell. In 1979, Margaret Elizabeth Woodson died and left the J.T. Morris and D.T. Woodson endowment. The Frederic W. Scott endowment was created by Mr. Scott’s estate in 1980. The Christian Education endowment was given in 1985 by Elizabeth Hobbs in memory of William Hobbs. The Lillian Fox Hines endowment was established by her estate in 1988. The Davis Family memorial endowment was begun in 1993 with gifts from Mary Davis McConnell, William Crump Davis, Jr., and other members of the Davis family, descendants of our first rector. It commemorates all generations of the family, especially William Crump Davis (died 1977), Dorothy Lovell Davis (died 1987), and William Crump Davis, Jr. (died 1994). A major endowment was established in 1998 by the estate of Patricia Stuart, a long-time member of Emmanuel.

Who oversees the Endowment?

All of these various Endowments are managed as one consolidated fund, currently invested with The Trustees of the Funds, and agency of The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.The Endowment Board is elected by the vestry, and is currently composed of James Neligan (chairman), Beth Colmery, Barry Jones, and Delores Smith. The Rector and the Senior Warden also serve, ex officio, and Mrs. Sara Reynolds serves as Secretary to the Board. The Board meets annually to allocate income from the Endowment Fund to local and international mission partners. It is the Board’s custom to meet and talk with the organization’s representatives before an initial grant is made. The Endowment Board invites members and friends of Emmanuel to recommend additional mission partners that might benefit from our support and participation.

How do you make a contribution to the Endowment?

Creating a memorial endowment is easy. It takes only a gift of $500 or more, payable to the trustees of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, together with the name(s) of the person or persons to be honored and their relationship to the donor. 

Another method involves the insertion of a paragraph to the following effect in your last will and testament:

I (we) give and bequeath to the trustees of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Greenwood, Virginia, the sum of $___________________ and/or the following objects of value _______________ to create a memorial endowment in the name(s) of the late __________________ and to be used for such charitable purposes as the Endowment Board deems appropriate.

Signed ____________________

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