Mountainside Senior Center Tea

A group of Emmanuel volunteers have been visiting the residents of Mountainside Senior Living in Crozet twice a month for the past 18 years. Volunteers meet in the dining room of Mountainside at 3:00 pm on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month (once a month for November and December).

All volunteers bring refreshments and serve the residents with smiles, pats, hugs, and a willingness to listen. Often there is singing by the piano and lots of fellowship. 

Some of the residents do not have visitors on a regular basis and this group gives each one something to look forward to. Anyone who loves people and can give an hour twice a month, please join us.

Do you play an instrument or sing? There is a place for YOU in our Emmanuel Mountainside Group – see you there!

For more info please contact Gren King at 434-361-9150 or contact the church office.

About Mountainside Senior Living
Managed by the Jefferson Area Board for Aging (JABA), Mountainside embraces the philosophy of The Eden AlternativeThe Eden Alternative transforms a conventional facility into a human habitat – an environment that is as home-like as possible and incorporates residents fully into the care giving process. Principles of The Eden Alternative include:

  • creating a spontaneous environment for residents
  • encouraging plants, pets, and visits from children
  • providing companionship by promoting contact between residents
  • placing the greatest possible decision making power with the residents and those closest to them
  • emphasizing the need to improve residents’ quality of life

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