Guidelines for Hosting Coffee Hour

What do I sign up for?

  • Coffee Captain : makes two pots regular and one pot decaf coffee, sets pots out with coffee condiments, fills water “percolator” for tea and cocoa and makes lemonade.
  • Coffee captain is the “lead host” for the week.  Sets out beverages and arranges food. Offer hospitality to all :)
  • Bring Food Item:  bring food item for approx 25 people. Support lead host/coffee maker as possible.  Offer hospitality to all :)



Coffee Captain:

  • Head of coffee hour weekly, scheduled on a rotating basis so that everyone serves about once a quarter. Can be a partnership!
  • Decides if coffee hour will be held inside or outside based on weather, clergy preference, Christian Education demands and personal preference
  • Sets up beverage station and food table
  • Prepares coffee, hot water for tea, lemonade and water
  • Cleans up afterwards including putting tables etc away if held outside


How to make coffee:

  • Note separate thermos for regular and decaf (decaf also uses the orange pot top) and never put coffee in the “Hot Water Only” thermos
  • Plug in the big silver brewer and turn switch on front to “ON”
  • Get filters, coffee and measuring cup out of the “COFFEE” cabinet
  • Slide the big silver filter bowl from the top of the brewer and make sure metal grate is in the bottom of the bowl
  • Insert at LARGE coffee filter (some small filters are sometimes around for AA)
  • Using the RED ½ Cup scoop – put one heaping or rounded scoop of coffee into the filter
  • Slide the silver filter bowl back into it’s slot at the top of the brewer
  • Remove the pump top from a thermos pot and slide pot into position in brewer
  • Fill marked pitcher with cold water to line indicated
  • Pour water from pitcher into top of brewer
  • Each pot takes about 15 minutes
  • When brewing is done, carefully remove pot from brewer without catching handle of filter bowl
  • Put pump tube into pot, replace lid and set out for serving with hot cups, creamer, stirrers and sugars
  • Remove filter bowl, throw wet filter and used coffee away, rinse if needed and repeat for next pot of coffee
  • Make one decaf and one regular pot plus a second pot of regular if over 75 people


Hot water for tea and cocoa:

  • Plug in the percolater on the counter down from the coffee brewer
  • Fill with cold water to the 35 mark
  • When it’s hot, use percolator spigot to fill the “Hot Water Only” thermos
  • Set out for serving with tray of tea bags and cocoa packets plus hot cups


Lemonade and water:

  • Using the clear acrylic beverage dispenser, put 12 scoops of lemonade powder in then fill with three beverage pitchers (found in cabinet over counter marked “pitchers”) of cold water. If you need or want to add ice, add another scoop of powder to account for dilution
  • If expecting more than 75 people, consider adding another 4 scoops of lemonade powder and another pitcher of cold water
  • Fill the other acrylic beverage dispenser with ice and water about half way.
  • Set out with clear cups and napkins


Clean up:

  • Remove pump tops from coffee pots, these should not be submersed
  • Remove pump tubes and rinse through
  • Dump leftover coffee and rinse out pots, dry in rack or upside down to drain on counter
  • Dump hot water for tea from pump pot and from percolator
  • Dump used coffee filters
  • Unplug coffee brewer and hot water percolator
  • Wipe down counters as needed
  • Put silverware and plates in dishwasher and start cycle OR wash by hand
  • Pull tablecloths and hang up if clean, or put in laundry bag in kitchen to be cleaned
  • Return cups, creamers, sugars and teas to kitchen counter
  • Wipe down food table in parish hall as needed
  • Put away folding tables if used outside



Thank you for serving in this vital ministry of hospitality!!


Birthday Celebration Sundays and EHOP


The first Sunday of every month is the celebration of birthdays.  A cake is delivered (by volunteers, let me know if you are willing to help with that once in a while!) but Coffee Hour folks still needed to make drinks, set out forks and plates, cut the cake.  It’s fine if the cake is the only food we have that week but it would be nice to have one or two other snacks (esp good time for a savory treat).


EHOP (Emmanuel House of Pancakes):  EHOP is scheduled quarterly as a fellowship opportunity for the whole parish.  The EHOP team manages everything, no coffee hour volunteers needed.  


Thank you so very much for volunteering to help with this ministry of hospitality!  Coffee Hour is such an important part of how we welcome each other and our visitors every week. I know you all have many demands on your time, and I am so thankful for your willingness to give some of your time and energy to this effort!

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