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Alcoholics Anonymous

Every Monday, Friday, 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM


10am, Service of Holy Eucharist and Children's Worship

Every Sunday, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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WELCOME! Thank you for your interest in the Greeters Ministry! This ministry has played a vital role in demonstrating and sustaining the tradition of love, fellowship and hospitality here at Emmanuel Church. It serves to strengthen our sense of community and continues to remind us of Christ's love for us and the love we need to share with our neighbors.

Greeting is easy and enjoyable! With name tags in place and smiling faces, greeters shake hands and warmly welcome everyone as they enter church to attend the worship services. Greeters need to be in place 20 minutes before the service begins, 25 minutes for a special service, such as Easter. During the service, right after the Announcements, Greeters become Presenters and carry the sacraments forward to be handed to an acolyte at the chancel. They lead the ushers down the aisles, and once the ushers have received the collection plates, the Greeters return to their seats. Older children are invited to assist their parent(s) in greeting and presenting!

After the 9:00 am service Greeters go to the parish hall and prop open the outer door on the left, as a welcoming gesture to Coffee Hour. Greeters for the 11:00 am service are encouraged to attend the 10:00 am coffee hour also. This is the perfect time to show that our Emmanuel family can dish up love as well as food! Coffee Hour provides a great opportunity to engage in warm conversation with visitors, who may be looking for a church to call home; or with someone new to Emmanuel; or with anyone who is unknown to the Greeter. Greeters should also look for anyone who is alone or maybe in need of being served a cup of coffee or plate of food. Visitors can be invited to attend the Forum, which begins about 10:10 to 10:15 am, or invited to go into the kitchen to extend casual conversation.

If you would like to sign up to greet or if you need more information you are welcome to call/text Maggie Bates at (434) 825-6809 or email You may also sign up in the white Greeters notebook in the Parish Hall kitchen. If you would like to sign up online, just click this link. Thank you for joining this wonderful ministry of welcome.


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