The BridgeLine

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The BridgeLine

The BridgeLine is a non- profit organization dedicated to the support of adults with brain injuries, assisting them to achieve integration in Charlottesville and its surrounding counties, and to gain personal fulfillment.

A brain injury can be caused by trauma, stroke, and tumor, and is a life-altering event that leads to physical, cognitive, and behavioral changes. It is estimated that 5,455 adults with brain injuries reside in the Thomas Jefferson Health District.

The BridgeLine 4 holistic, person-centered programs:
1. Within our Residential Program we provide supported living in our three homes in a family-like setting. Trained staff lives in with residents as full-time residents, facilitate their path through
independence and self-determination toward personal growth and engaged citizenry. 
To address individual needs, we offer structured activities, relevant and specific skill training, and support to set achievable life goals. Residents typically hold a regular job or volunteer position, attend classes and cultural activities in the community, interact socially with members of other households in the BridgeLine community, and participate in the general upkeep of the homes in which they live.

2. The BridgeLine Place is a Vocational Day Program where members can learn valuable work and social skills to achieve vocational and/or independent living goals.
The structure is designed to increase the independence and employability by focusing on social, behavioral, and independent living skills, vocational training, and compensatory strategies. Skill training includes administrative and kitchen maintenance work, and also how to interact with co-workers, and to complete tasks.

3. Our Supported Independent Living Program offers a great variety of services to adults with brain injuries while they live in their own apartments in close proximity to our homes. Services vary from participation in outings, meals, and art therapy, to medication oversight, and shopping assistance.

4. A full time Case Manager provides more intensive supports, services, and intervention of current program participants, and most importantly of any referred individual with a brain injury who may not meet the criteria for the existing services or choose not to affiliate with the other programs.
Want to know more? Interested in volunteering?

Contact these current Emmanuel volunteers: Alexander von Thelen, , 540.456.8234.

Or contact The BridgeLine Volunteer Coordinator, Amber Rexrode, , 434.465.9445.



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