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Emanuel Youth Mission connects youth in Central Virginia with youth of rural, impoverished villages in El Salvador. Our projects improve their standard of living, but we are also a relational mission. Katy was 3 when EYM began and received her first Christmas present from the mission. Soon, she will be 15; we will attend a quincinera to celebrate this lovely young lady in God’s family. Caring Virginians who have supported Emanuel have made a difference in her life and the lives of all the children who have grown up healthy, educated, and happy, with hope for their future. EYM has provided a church, education, safe transportation making education for girls possible, clean water, a medical clinic, and food projects, among other improvements.

Before EYM was involved in El Salvador, the only water was extremely contaminated and had to be carried long distances. 90% of illnesses were water related. Babies died, all children had parasites, and people had gastrointestinal diseases. Since EYMs clean water systems have been operating, local health officials say health has improved dramatically. The people thanked God for the miracle of clean water. EYM thanks all of you who have made this positive difference and saved lives.

Central Virginia youth say it has changed their lives as well. They are inspired by their Salvadoran hosts, who have so much with so little, because they value relationships... with God, family, and friends, including Christian brothers and sisters here in Virginia.

Emanuel Youth Mission still has much to accomplish and needs your help:

  • Student from poor family sponsored for education, $300 per year.

  • EYM sponsored high school graduate, attending university in El Salvador toward medical degree, presently 1st 4 years are sponsored by local Virginia church; need $5,000 per year for last 4 years of medical school to accomplish her dream of being a doctor and helping her community.

  • Need irrigation systems to lengthen growing season; food and income crops depend upon water, $1,500 each.

  • Need solar panels at reverse osmosis clean water system to generate affordable, reliable electricity, $10,000.

  • Medical clinic services, $600 each month. Fumigation for mosquitoes, $150 x 3 each time, several times a year.

  • Sustainable food projects: fish, chickens, goats, cows, $300-$500 per family.

  • Truck to deliver clean water, $30,000.

Emanuel Youth Mission thanks Emmanuel Episcopal Church for their help and invites anyone interested in being involved to contact us, (use EYM in subject line), 434-263-5657, or mail to John and Jonna Clarkson, P.O. Box 582, Lovingston, VA 22949. We are happy to make a presentation to any of your organizations and share more with you about how God has used our mission to help people in El Salvador and right here in Central Virginia. Emmanuel members who have been involved are: Luther Reynolds, and Sara Reynolds,

God bless you all!



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