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Emmanuel Episcopal Church is proud to call El Hogar a mission partner!

From the El Hogar website:

All Great Things Start out Small 

It started in 1979 with five little boys. Five hungry, scared, abandoned boys sleeping under cardboard in a doorway on the streets of Tegucigalpa.  Five members of the Episcopal Church in Tegucigalpa felt moved to address the deplorable situation of the countless children abandoned to the streets. So the missionaries rented a home, went out in the middle of the night and brought those five boys home. They fed the boys, bathed them, and showed them love and compassion. El Hogar de Amor y Esperanza — The Home of Love and Hope — was born.

In the years since, nearly 1,000 students have graduated from El Hogar, which has grown to include four campuses: an elementary school, a Technical Institute, an Agricultural School, and a Girls’ Campus.

With initial funding from the Methodist Fund for Human Need, the founders rented a large old house in a very poor neighborhood of Tegucigalpa. Frightened, cold, hungry, boys were bathed, fed, doctored and loved. The young Honduran who bathed them, Lazaro Juarez, had also been raised in an orphanage. He has made it his life’s work to care for his country’s neediest children. Lazaro became El Hogar’s first employee and is now the Sub-Executive Director in Honduras and the Director of the Technical School.

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