Emmanuel Episcopal welcomes new members! Please note that you do not have to join the parish in a formal way in order to worship, volunteer or participate in activities. All baptized persons, adults and children, are always welcome to receive Holy Communion.

The following Q&A may answer some of your questions about joining Emmanuel:
(Referenced from Christ Church, Yonkers, NY)

Q: What does being a member of Emmanuel require?
A: Simply put, all membership rests finally on a public affirmation of membership by you, or, in the case of small children, by godparents, and incorporation into the church through the sacrament of Baptism. 

Q: What if I am already baptized?
A: Any person baptized in any church with water in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit may register with us to be counted as a baptized member of Emmanuel. Again, all baptized Christians are welcome to partake of Holy Communion. A baptized member of Emmanuel who receives Holy Communion at least three times a year is considered a communicant member.

Q: What if I was baptized in another Episcopal parish?
A: Those whose baptisms have been registered in the Episcopal Church are considered baptized members. Upon reaching 16 years of age, baptized members are considered adult members.

Q: What if I am currently a member of another Episcopal parish?
A: If you are presently a member of another Episcopal parish, you can transfer your membership. Please provide our church office with the name and location of the church and the approximate dates of your membership. If you were confirmed there, provide the approximate date of your confirmation. We will then send for a letter of transfer, or you may wish to contact your previous parish yourself. 

Q: What if I am coming from another denomination or church?
A: If you are seeking to join the Episcopal Church from another Christian church or denomination, and if you have been baptized with water and in the name of the Trinity, you may become a baptized member of the Episcopal Church by having your birth date and place, and baptismal date and place duly recorded in the register at Emmanuel.

Q: What if I have not been baptized?
A: If you have not been baptized, contact the church office or speak with one of the clergy to arrange a baptism. 

Q: What about Confirmation?
A: It is expected that all adult members of the Episcopal Church will be confirmed at some point. Confirmation is when we express a mature commitment to Christ, and receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and the laying on of hands by a bishop. Any baptized person aged 12 and older is eligible. 

Q: What about being "Received" into the Episcopal Church, also known as "Reception?"
A: Persons who have been confirmed in another denomination by a bishop in the apostolic succession (most often Roman Catholic or Orthodox) are received by the bishop rather than confirmed. Persons are also received from churches in "full communion" with the Episcopal Church. Confirmations and receptions occur during the Bishops visitation (either annually or semi-annually). Please consult with the clergy of Emmanuel if you are interested in either confirmation or reception.  

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